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WTB various Acro Frags :)


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Sup' ARC

Fixed up my SPS reef, and this time I'm out cherry-picking. ID'd frags that have at least started encrusting would all be appreciated. PM me for details. I looking for anything that is a confirmed ORA or Jason Fox variety. PM me with details.

HOWEVER! By far my favorite Acro that I am looking for a decent sized frag of is the Red Planet. If you are willing to part with one let me know.



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Wow. No one is selling acros?

Where did you get the red planet

believe it or not, I special ordered a decent frag from Petco! Ever since their purchase of LiveAquaria they really stepped up their Saltwater Game.

Ya and I'm not sure why there is a dirth of people selling Acro frags. I guess everyone's growing em' out for later? :/

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sorry guys, beings super busy lately. I'll start fragging mine again this week. and I'll post them by Friday hopefully. got a couple fragged already...


Nick's Purple Passion

Chip's Acro

Heaven & Hell Mille

Will be fragging:

PC Rainbow

Aussie Pearlberry


Red Robin Stag

ORA Roscoe Blue

ORA Hawkins


Will be giving away nice healed frags for the following with any purchase of acros:

ORA Purple Stylo

Jedi Mind Trick

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