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55GAL Everything For Sale!!!!


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I am selling everything for my 55 Gal Reef tank. I am selling everything, no parting out.

$1,000 for everything, and as you read you will see this is a complete setup will all the extras needed to keep it running.

I have had this tank for 1 year and it pretty much takes care of its self.

This is a total sale, there is everything you need to keep the tank up and running.

55 Gal Tank 48 x 12.5 x 21

2" sand bed

about 60lbs of live rock in the tank

20 lbs cured live rock out side of tank

Tidepool II sump with live rock rubble, carbon, pads

Overflow Box 700 gph

Coral life super skimmer 120

(needs new needle wheel pump)

2.5 Gal overflow jug, you will need to clean out twice a year

250 watt heater

Quiet one return Pump 700 gph

T-5 Lighting

2 Actinic

1 Super Actinic

3 10,000K

2 Koralia 2s


Mag float with EZ blade attachment )8 blades left)

Live Stock

1 Flame Angel

1 Yellow Tang

1 Mystery Wrasse

1 Clown (Tank Raised)

2 Chromis

1 Manderine Goby


Nuclear GSP

True Red Pollies

Kenya Tree

Marshall Island Hynoropha

Long Tenacle gsp

Hybrid Watermelon Mushroom

Yellow Clove Zoos


Hot Strawberry Chalice

Powder Pink Paly

Pink Fangia

Green Button Palys

Pink Digitata

Star Polyps


Strawberry Florida Ricordia

Desert Rose Palys

Joseph's Purple Passion Palys

Green W/ Pink tip Frogspawn

Sherbert Zoos

Red Chilie Coral

ORA Pink Birdsnest

1/2 the corals are long overdue for fragging, so whoever gets this tank will be able to frag out around $100-$200 worth of corals


45 Gal trash can

Mag 3

misc tubing

Frozen food x 6

New flake food

several jugs for water

bionics part a and b

testing kits

Wave maker

Brand new bucket of Tropic Marine Salt


Seaweed for the Tang




Custom stand and canopy, the stand needs doors and stain. I have the stain.

Basicly everything you need to keep and maintain this tank.

I have pictures for everything and will email upon request.

If you have any interest, please email me at [email protected]

I will be traveling a lot and will be checking email very often.

I don't want to sell it, but i need to.

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