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SOLD Corals for sale

Sascha D.

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The last of my corals for sale. Thank you to everyone that has purchased my stock already. If you would like another picture or more details about the species listed, then please let me know.

Accepting cash or Paypal. Will hold with Paypal only.

Frogspawn - 15" diameter, multiple large heads, Two large heads for $30 or the whole thing for $110 Sold


Marble Hammer - 20+ heads about the size of a cantaloupe, 1 for $10, 3 for $20 or $100 for the whole thing Sold


Kryptonite Trumpet Coral - 16 heads, WYSIWYG $20 Sold


ORA Green Pocillopora - Size of a softball, WYSIWYG $60 Sold


Purple Stylophora - About 4-5" tall, 3 large branches, WYSIWYG $20 Sold


Blue and Green Favia - Full size is 4x4x3 attached to a piece of rock, WYSIWYG $30


Golden Torch, Red Stem - One head WYSIWYG $25 Sold


Christmas Favia - Hard to tell but it's green with maroon eyes and red mouth, About the size of a golf ball and comes attached to a small rock, WYSIWYG $15


Blue Trumpets - 13 heads, WYSIWYG $20 Sold


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More corals...

Rainbow Trachyphyllia - Expands from 4" to 7", multicolor, WYSIWYG $60 Sold


Tyree Setosa - WYSIWYG $10 Sold


Turbinaria - Yellow with green polyps - WYSIWYG $5


Yellow Millepora - WYSIWYG $5


Blue Trumpets - 14 heads, WYSIWYG $20 Sold


Acan Lord - Purple with green striping, 11 heads, WYSIWYG $25 Sold



Blastos - Red with teal center, 4 polyps that are separated, $5 each or $20 for the whole rock Sold


Devil's Hand - About 4" tall, WYSIWYG $5


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Will do.

At a certain point it becomes easier for me to just take the corals to the fish store for credit. Especially if the price drops below what I would get in store credit. It's sad, but someone will pay double for specimens that will be less healthy than when they leave my house.

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