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SOLD-30 gal qt tank and AC70


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I have a 30 gallon (36L x 12W x 16T) tank I had set up as a quarantine tank. I built the stand out of some leftover lumber so its free if you're interested. Otherwise I'm just going to chuck it. I also have an AquaClear 70 available. I don't have any of the AC70 media or filters, but I do have 2 ammonia remover bags for it. I have modified the suction tube on the AC70 to incorporate surface skimming. Only used about 3 months.

Tank and AC70 were run with prazipro. No copper has been used in or near either. Both have been rinsed/scrubbed twice in sw (water change water), twice in regular tap (used declorinator), and once in rodi.

$50 for both. I'd also be up for trading for some zoa/paly, mushrooms, or ricordia for similar value.





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