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90 Gallon Cube - All Hardware

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Up for sale is a complete 90 gallon setup that I've had for 2.5 years. All the equipment was purchased new by me except the tank and stand, and the SWC 120 skimmer. Here's what you get:

90 Gallon cube with corner overflow - The tank is drilled for two 1" drains, I used two 5/8" over the back returns. I used Herbie style plumbing and the weir/overflow was silent. The tank has a few scratches, they are mostly far and few between but on the right side in the top left corner there is a series of 6 scratches that are more noticeable when dry. I only noticed one with the tank full of water. The silicone is in great shape. I also have a clear screen top I will include to keep your inhabitants off the floor. Dimensions are 30x30x24

Stand - The stand is black and is in good shape. The sides are removable from the back, but if you put it up against a wall like I did, this is kind of useless. I've mounted two nice power strips, one in the stand and one on the back, that I will include with the sale. The paint could use a touch up but was in good enough shape for me to display it in my living room.

Sump - The biggest "off the shelf" tank that will fit in the stand is a 20 gallon high. I had the sump originally built at Fishy Business, but about 6 months ago I ripped out the overflow thing and the egg crate and converted it to a more traditional berlin style sump with a bubble trap. This greatly helped with micro bubbles. The size of the sump presented the biggest challenge with this tank. I ended up plumbing it with a Herbie overflow, reducing return pump flow, and increasing power head flow to get things dialed in just right. The system runs great now.

Return Pump - After purchasing a Jaebo DC return pump for my new system, I quickly did the same on this system. It runs a Jaebo DCT-6000 that is as quiet as it is awesome. It is a 10 speed variable flow pump with a 10 minute feed mode. The pump also is protected against no water and the impeller getting stuck, the motor will just shut off. Max flow of 1585 gph but I used it at just speed 3 or 4.

Power Heads - With this package you get two Ecotech VorTech MP10wES pumps. These have been amazing pumps and remain almost completely silent. At speeds above 60-70% there is some audible noise but I never used them that high. I had them setup in an anti-sync random mode and it was perfect. They were manufactured in March and April of 2013

Lighting - I have a Ecotech Radion XR30w gen2 light with this system. I used it at 70% of its output and even sps seemed happy, although I only had frags and a few small colonies. I barely scratched the surface when it came to the capabilities of this light. I hung it 9" above the water and the Ecotech hanging kit is included.

Skimmer - There are two skimmers to choose from on this system. A Reef Octopus NWB-150 that was purchased new when I was setting the system up and a SWC-120 cone skimmer purchased used about a year later. I flipped back and forth between these two and at times I used no skimmer. The NWB-150 is a touch louder but produces thicker skimate, however the SWC-120 takes up less space and produces fewer bubbles with its output. The SWC is also much smaller and leaves lots of room in the return section for rock/carbon/purigen/etc.

Auto Top Off - I used a JBJ ATO system on this tank it was a great addition. This includes the JBJ controller and two sensors, a MJ1200, and a 14 gallon brute container that will hold about 12 gallons. The side of the container is drilled so you can't fill it up to the top. I could go 8 or 9 days without having to add water to the Brute container.

Reactor - There is a bulkreefsupply.com single chamber reactor that I ran Phosban in on this system. It was plumbed off the main return pump with a ball valve to dial in flow just right. All the plumbing and the media container are included.

Heater - 300w Aqueon that has been solid since it was purchased.

If I have to sell the components individually these are the prices I will ask for:

Tank/Stand - $200
Sump - $100
Jaebo DCT-6000 - $75
MP10wES - $150 each
Radion - $350
NWB-150 or SWC-120 - $100
ATO complete system - $100
Reactor - $30

Total is $1255. Luckily I would really like this out of my living room as I now have two tanks taking up space. All this can be yours for the low price of $1000.

This sale does NOT include any livestock, sand, or rock. I do have about 30 lbs of live rock if you are interested though.

Please shout with any questions, PM is best.





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I've decided to part out the system. Some of the prices have been adjusted and I will still do a package discount if you are interested in multiple pieces. I'm available the next couple of nights, Friday during the day in the campus area, and all weekend. PM is best. First come, first served, no reserves.

Tank/Stand - $200


Sump - $100 $75 - SOLD

The skimmer section is 10.5", The refugium is 6", there is a 2.5" bubble trap, with a 4.5" return pump section. The thermometer is free.

Jaebo DCT-6000 - $75 - SOLD

I really liked this pump. DC for cheap.

MP10wES - $150 each/$250 pair - SOLD

Radion - $350 SOLD

NWB-150 - $100 $50 - SOLD

When I was moving stuff around I noticed the Jacket of the power to the pump has split at the back of the pump. The skimmer and pump are still usable but the pump will need to be replaced eventually or the cord repaired.

SWC-120 - $100 $75 - SOLD

Still needs to be cleaned. Awesome skimmer.

ATO complete system - $100 $75

This includes the JBJ controller, float switches, pump, and 14 gallon Brute container. The container is stained from Kalk use.



I Modified the sump float valve by super gluing it to a magnetic algae cleaner. This makes it much easier to set the perfect water level in the sump.

Reactor - $30


Thanks for looking.
















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