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SOLD: 3 6' BML Fixtures 12K, 20K XB, and Super Actinic XB


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I will be ordering my new T-5 lights during the July 4 sales and will have these for sale shortly. They grow and color up LPS and Softies great. I've had great growth out of my SPS also but I'm looking for more.

1 6' Super Actinic XB BML - $495 retail : asking $250

1 6' 12K BML - $389 retail : asking $200

1 6' 20K (Radium) XB BML - $483 retail : Asking $250




Depending on what I need for my new lights, I may be able to sell the hanging setup with them. Let me know if you'd like it.

Pm or post with any questions or offers

Prices are listed for each individual fixture. I'll sell them all with the hanging setup for $700. That's $717 off retail and the cost of the hanging setup.

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They are 6' fixtures so 72". I'm looking for more color and pop from my SPS. It grows all coral well, and colors up good. I'm just looking for the next level.

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