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Whats on my glass I need serious advice here


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Quick overview. I am starting up a 75 gal and leaving my 30 as a QT.

Last weekend at C4 I picked up some frags and placed them in the 30. Everything started opening nicely within a day or so. Yesterday I came home and water was a bit cloudy.

Today I noticed hundreds of small ?? On the glass, they are white about the size of a ball point tip, at first glance they look round however with magnifying glass I can see they are a tight spiral.

I also have what appear to be some type of eggs, they are round and linked together in a straight line at the surface

And lastly I had a small patch of what I thought was hair algae. Now its out of contol and bubbling.

Tank has been running a bit high at 81, have not been able to get it down so I was going to move every thing to my 75. Now Im afraid to do that as I dont want this other stuff in there??

So what do I do next? Worst part is I leave for the coast on Saturday. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

salinity 1.025 Ph 8.4 amm, nitrate and nitrite 0 API test. Not currently testing other as I just started adding coral and thought id be fine til I got back next weekend





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