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Sold Reef Octopus NWB 150INT Protein Skimmer

Sascha D.

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Reef Octopus NWB 150INT Protein Skimmer

This skimmer sells for $229 on BRS and Marine Depot, asking $100

From Marine Depot website:

Technical Specs:

  • Body Size: 6"
  • Footprint: 12.4" x 8.7"
  • Neck Size: 3"
  • Total Height: 22"
  • Output Size: 40mm - Comes with Metric to British Adapter to 1.25” pvc
  • Output Height: 5.6"
  • Note: Recommended Sump Water Depth: 6"-8"

Pump Information:

  • OPT 2000 Pinwheel Pump
  • Wattage: 18w
  • Air Draw: 720 lph / 25.2 SCFH*
  • Water Draw: 198 GPH*
  • *Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup

Filtration Handling

  • 210 Gallon - Light Filtration Demand
  • 150 Gallon – Medium Filtration Demand
  • 120 Gallon – Heavy Filtration Demand


A member of the Reef Octopus Classic Series, this popular in-sump skimmer will provide great filtration for aquariums up to 210 gallons. As with every Reef Octopus protein skimmer, the Classic 150INT is constructed of high-quality cast acrylic and features an easy to adjust gate valve, a quick release neck for easy cup removal, cup drain, bubble diffuser, o-ring sealed union pump mount, air shredding OPT 2000s pinwheel pump and air silencer. It requires 1/2 inch of clearance to remove the cup.

Here is a link to the manufacturer website: http://www.coralvue.com/classic-150-int-protein-skimmer

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