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**** SOLD**** 93g cube,stand,custom sump,and more****


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Will be moving soon, so I need to downsize.

-93g Marineland cube with corner overflow (30x30x28 I believe )

-custom 3 chamber sump

-black wood stand

-sicce return pump

-all plumbing

-odyssea 2 bulb t5 with night leds and timer controls

This tank is currently set up as freshwater. The tank is drilled.

-live plants

-white sand

-misc. rocks and decor


-digital thermometer


-2 German Blue Rams

-2 Bolivian Rams

-4 Danios

-1 Glow light tetra

-1 red tip shark

-2 hatchet fish

-2 zebra Cory cats

-2 speckled Cory cats

Can throw in some homemade frozen beef heart recipe food that will last for months even a year +.

This is a plug and play system . Attached is the link to some pictures when it was set up as saltwater. Courtesy of Xanreefer.


Asking purchasing price of 500.00

Adding light for free

Adding plants,sand,decor and livestock for free

**PayPal preferred. **

Can text pics or I can add some a little bit later.

Thanks for looking!



Text preferred

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