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Clownfish not eating


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So A couple weeks ago I purchased a recently bonded pair of Percula Clownfish. I hate to say this but they weren't quarantined as they were first fish to go in. They were however eating fine the first and second day. However I have not seen the one eat since they found my Sherman RBTA that was already in the tank. So I was feeding today and it was very noticeable today that this own clownfish has not been eating as I can start to see the skeleton on its sides. Other one is fine and is chasing food and always coming up to the glass when I am looking at the tank begging. This is a 45g AIO tank with Live Rock and some corals. I have tried feeding frozen Brine shrimp, Emerald Entre, Plankton, and even some small pellets. This one clownfish is always in or under the RBTA. I am starting to get concerned. At first I figured it was just new surroundings etc...but I have not had a saltwater tank before. I know they can stop eating for a while so wasn't to concerned until I noticed the skeleton showing today. I will try and get a picture but wanted to see if anyone has an idea. Will try and pick up some live food to test today.

Water is all testing good other than Nitrate was a little high (15ppm) Which I have since done a 5g water change and am going to do another as well today. I am also going to retest water here shortly.....Advantage of working from home....

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I had one similar to that. He made it 10 days or so. I just couldn't get him to eat. I tried mysis, reef plankton, emerald entree, shrimp, squid, cyclopeeze, a couple of different small pellets. Nothing worked. He ended up dying. I felt bad, but I tried everything I could think of. I've heard of it happening to a couple of other people, so that leads me to believe that sometimes, it just happens.

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So looks like this one is gone as it disappeared last night. Now the delima is do i just monitor water params or go on an expidition to find the remains?

Actually just noticed all the hermit crabs are taking care of business in a crack in the rocks. Would be kind of hard to get to without moving most of the rockwork.

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