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Picotope upgrade suggestions


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I have a jbj picotope that I have had up and running since January with a Finnex px-360 canister filter (from a previous planted tank) and I recently added a ai prime to the mix. I am currently in the proces of setting up a ato but because I don't want to fill the tank up with equipment I am going to be using an etape liquid level sensor so I have some testing to do before I put that into service.

But other than the ato I was wonder what other more experienced people tend to do with such small tanks.

Obligatory fts


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I would be mildly interested in some form of sump or refugium but I don't know how easy it would be to set that up on a three gallon tank. This picotope has been my first foray into the saltwater aquarium world, it is actually significantly easier to take care of than my 20 gallon Iwagumi ever was.

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