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New sale plus free Frag Packs on orders of $150 or more

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Hi all,

Back by popular demand we are offering a free frag packs with any order of $150 or more (not including shipping) until May 31st midnight. Place an order and in the CHECK OUT NOTES write us a note letting us know you want a free pack. You can specify what "types" of corals you want and will get 3 frags total. The types we are offering in these packs are the following...
So you can request any combination of those 5 categories. So for example you can request 1 sps, 1 acan, and 1 zoo. Or you can request all three frags to be LPS. Whatever combo you want. Just write the request in the check out notes. Again you must place a minimum $150 order (not including shipping) to qualify. We will decide what exact corals will go into each pack but feel free to make REASONABLE requests
Oh and one more thing. It just so happens that orders of $150 or more qualify for a TEIR discount of $15. This deal just gets better and better! But we are not done yet. We also just placed a bunch of our farmed corals on sale so come check us out while the deals and the stock lasts!
Darth Maul Porites on sale!!
Pink Zippers on sale!!
Season's Greetings Monti on sale!!
And many more...
Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef
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