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Reef system FS delivery possible


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Well after a few years in college I had to move away and now that my career is away from a large reef club and LFS stores to visit every weekend I have lost the enthusiasm and feel that I have been neglecting my tank. So I have decided to sell my system. I currently live in bay city and I will consider delivery of the system based upon the circumstances which we can discuss. If anyone out there wants to make some money buy the system and part it out but I just don’t feel that it would help me at all based upon where I live. My asking price is $1750 for my entire system. I will accept paypal and possibly trades depending upon what it is ie boat atv dirt bike etc.

Now for the description, For the price above you get:


All the plumbing needed for the system to run plus extra parts

100 gallon reef ready tank dimensions 60x 20x20 5yrs old

-2 corner overflows with durso standpipes &1” returns with locline outlets

-drilled for closed loop 2” intake and 2x 1” outputs with “teed” off locline

Stand 5yrs old

-33 in tall

- 2 sets of 2 doors on the front

-decrotive trim

-marine carpet in base

-florecent light built in so you can see what you are doing

Canopy 5yrs old

-2x 4in fans for cooling 1.5yrs old

-mounting system for lighting fixture mentioned below

-2 doors on the front

-14in high


Iwaki WMD40RLXT 1200gph pump for closed loop 3yrs old

Via aqua 3300 return pump 2yrs old

Coralife 125 superskimmer 1.5yrs old

Tunze Osmo top off system with Rubbermaid container for resivor 2 yrs old

25 ft python hose for filling and removal of water 1yr old

NEW Coralife Pure Flow II 50gpd RO system

30 gallon fuge 1.5yrs old

Wet dry filter 3yrs old

2x hydor #4’s 2mths old

Florecent flood light for algae in fuge


-Catfish lighting fixture with electronic ballasts 1.5yrs old

--2x250W DE HQI lights w/ 10k bulbs all fire instantly

--4x65w PC Atinic all fire

Other stuff

¾ of both jugs of B ionic

Lg Mag float

Coralife scraper

Coralife digital thermometer

Digital coralife light controller



Iodine dip

Lab hydrometer


Swing arm hydrometer


Test kits

Lots of superglue gel

Lots of other goods in the drawers next to the system too much to list



-3.5 in Bangji cardnal

-3” Sixline wrasse

- Maited pair Ocilaris clowns

-4” Yellow eye Kole tang

- 3” yellow tang

-6” Vlamingi tang

- 4.5” lawnmower blenny


- lg coral banded shrimp

-lg skunk cleaner shrimp

- 3.5” Purple lobster

- 4” sand sifting starfish

- brown and black serpent star

- 100 Blue leg hermits

-30 astrina snails

4-5” Croacia clam

175lbs Live rock (atleast)

140lbs black and white livesand


Tons of zoas pink neon green purple look through the pics there is a ton of em

6 in diameter plate of red montipora

Acropora colony brown base and blue tips

Pocilipora blue and green 2 branches ~3 in each

Watermelon mushroom

Green mushroom

3x 4 in green BTA (Clowns host in all of em and they split frequently

Kenya trees x3


10 head colony blue/green trumpet

5in long colony of non branching hammer

3 head kryptonite trumpet

20-25 head green tip frogspawn

12 head purple &green frogspawn

Racquetball size colony of red blastos

Golf ball size colony of green blastos

Green star polyps 3 kinds many colonies

Palays green blue and brown

17polyps of RPEs

Green mouth People eaters 10 polyps

Stardust speckled palays 25 polyps

all other photos viewable here


There is most likely more but since I look at it all the time i wouldn’t notice

If you have any questions want to stop by and ck it out or anything else you can email me at [email protected] or give me a call at cell 281-795-7705 or wk 512-369-4772

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