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4 ft Duel MH light setup with 4 T5's Magnetic ballast included


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This is a light canopy with 2 250 watt MHs and 4 54w T5's. Also has moonlight leds built in with dimmer. A Magnetic ballast is included


This cost me $650 brand new 2 years ago and is good for SPS.

Its the unit on top of the tank. Can also be mounted from the celing without the legs.



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What brand is the MHs, can you upload a pic of the sump, and do you have a phone #?

Do you mean the bulb or the Light unit? The T5 bulbs in it are only about 3 months old and are Geissman the MH Bulbs are about a year old and I would highly recommend replacing them but you could probably get away with using them for a couple months if needed.

The Unit is manufactured by Catalina Aquarium out of California

This is the light unit on there page but they list it as 4 39w t5's mine has 4 54w t5s


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