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27g cube build


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Hello everyone I'm kinda new to Austin and this club, more of a lurker than a contributor usually but here's a peek at my bedroom cube build. I'm undecided on what I really plan to do with it but it will be cycling for the next 2 months or so I've got time to figure it out. It's going to be a budget friendly tank as I've got a 125 I'm focusing on as well in my dining room

Just threw in a basic rock structure to have it look decent while cycling but will probably change before adding fish and corals.

Equipment for now is

27g marine land cube (not RR sadly)

Wp25 set on w1-s1 and dial is in the middle

20inch blue led bubble wand that is only being used for light and no air pump

Small $10 hob filter from Wally world while I refurb my ac70 into a makeshift hob refugium.

Here's a short video after adding the wp25, it kicked up sand so it's very cloudy and the wave is set high and I'm not sure if im going to keep the wp25 in here long term but I'm considering dabbling with some sps so we'll see


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