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**** SOLD**** 125g complete system ****


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Checking interest.

I have a 125g complete system project that I will not have time for anymore . Below is what's included.

125g standard glass tank

Wood stand with access doors

Coralife Aqualight Pro 72 ( 4 dual actinic t5s , 3. Metal halides with ballasts, 3 moon LEDs )

(All lights are in working order and still have plenty of use)

Eshopps rs100 sump and filter sock

Eshopps overflow PF-1000 with flex tubing

CPR bakpak hob skimmer

Cash or trade

Taking offers... Willing to trade.

I'm looking for led lighting,radion,kessil 350 360 and a cleaner shrimp,wrasse smile.png

Posting from work , can text pictures until I upload to post this weekend.

512296 o 77l

Thanks ARC!

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