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Looking for a Persian Kitten

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I dont know if you have had a persian prior or not, but thought I might throw a little info out there.

Persians are beautiful wonderful cats, that unfortunatly end up at pounds quite a bit. They are a high maintenance breed. They have long hair that must be brushed very regularly. Many people think they will have the time in the beginning but unfortunatly do not. If you like the look of the persians stubby face but are wanting a cat because its less maintenance then a dog, then you might want to look into something called an exotic. http://www.fancyfriends.com/Exotic_Breed_Profile.htm Here was a quick link that I found explaining them.

I have ragdolls. I am partial to them. They are a needy breed though. Someone who wants a kitty because they are aloft and dont need alot of attention need never get a ragdoll. LOL. They are like little puppy dogs, with no skiddishness that alot of cats have. That though is their fault. They are not scared of things so can never go outside. They will not run from new things, like a big dog coming to eat them. Here is where I got one of my ragdoll. A breeder I can highly recommend. http://www.iwantaragdoll.com/

I dont know any persian or exotic breeders in texas. Sorry.

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