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Aqua C Evo 180 Skimmer for sale


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I am selling my skimmer so I can get a skimmer that is a little more easy for me to tune. This skimmer is great, but I don't have the patience.

Aqua C Website

Marine Depot

I have a Rio 2500+ as well as a Euroreef skimmer pump rated at 4,000+ lph that I will include with it. It has the external collection cup and is setup with the fitting to run ozone. It pulls mad crap on my 180, I just want something different. So I am looking for cash $300 OBO or a trade (prefer) to try out another style skimmer.

I will post pics of it tomorrow when I can get a stupit reader for the memory card in my camera. The stupid USB cable wont plug in now... ARGH>>>>>>>>>>>

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