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Daughter's birthday present


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My daughter turned 24 about a week and a half ago. (She's not a fully-functional 24 yo, but on the calendar, she's 24.) Anyway, I was at Aquatek late in the week and saw what I thought would be the perfect present for her. I asked about the price and the saleswoman said, "For that?!?" She had to go in the back to ask the manager because, she said, no one had ever made an offer on it.

I checked with my daughter to make sure she was okay with a present that requires saltwater. (She lives with me, so it would live in my tank.) She said sure. After all, the hermit crab that started all this is really hers.

Now she can tell all her friends that her mom bought her a skeleton with worms for her birthday!

It's a coral skeleton, of course, and the worms are the little white tube worms (featherdusters) for the most part (although there are a couple of the brown ones, but not the huge Hawaiian ones). She was the first to spot our first incidental tube worms and she's loved them ever since. The hermit crabs have gotten to her favorite, but I figure there guys in the coral are probably pretty safe.

Anyway, it's been way too quiet around here for my taste, so I thought I'd share. :)


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