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37g Tank w/ LEDs and sump, other random stuff


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37 gallon Oceanic tank in pretty good shape, 24" wide x 21" tall x 18" deep (half of a 75 gallon) with stand and homemade sump. Comes with DIY multicolor LEDs. Not sure on the wattage, but 26 Cree and Luxeon LEDs, including red, green and violet, on 3 dimmable drivers give plenty of light for anything you want in this tank. There is a hanger for the light built into the stand, or you can remove that and hang it from the ceiling. $300

Any of these free with tank:

Eheim Compact 1000 pump- adjustable pump up to 265 gph $15

CPR First A.I.D. Acclimation Device- makes a good gravity-fed top-off system or for acclimating fish $10

Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro test kit $10 about 1 year old and 3/4 full

Red Sea Algae Control test kit $10 about 1 year old 3/4 full

2x 5 gallon RO jugs $5

Free stuff:

Liquid Alk buffer

Clip-on aquarium fan

Battery-powered air pump

Brine shrimp hatchery with eggs

Zeofood 7

Instant Ocean hydrometer


PM or call 924-1821 (no texts). Pick up is near I-35 and William Cannon




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