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Introducing our version 2 line of Wet Acrylic frag racks...

Wet Acrylic 16 hole Magnetic Frag Rack V2:

(solid up to 1/2" tanks)



Wet Acrylic Big System Corner Magnetic Frag Rack V2:

(solid up to 3/4" tanks!)



What's special about these Wet Acrylic V2 racks? Well, for starters they have a sleek design utilizing smoked acrylic and the magnets are completely hidden in solid black acrylic. The magnets are encased in acrylic which will keep them free from the water which means... NO RUST! Our racks are the only racks on the market that hold solid on up to 1/2" and 3/4" tanks!


other V2 products:

Wet Acrylic 9 hole Magnetic Frag Rack V2

Wet Acrylic Magnetic Softy Rubble Box V2

Wet Acrylic Magnetic Seahorse Trough V2

*VENDORS contact us to set up a wholesale account and supply our customers with these racks :)

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