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Mr. Cob's Corals, LLC - transitioning into wholesale

Mr Cob

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Starting Tuesday October 1st 2013 Mr. Cob's Corals, LLC will no longer offer retail corals, juvenile clownfish and drygoods. We will still offer broodstock clownfish via retail which will be the only items available for the public to purchase on our website.

We are also happy to bring back the Wet Acrylic product line! We have modified all of our products and solved some issues that we had with the first versions. The new line will be known as Wet Acrylic V2.

The first store that will be stocking the Wet Acrylic V2 products will be Phenomenal Aquatics. They will have inventory for Wet Acrylic and The REEF BUDDY - Coral Caddy. Phenomenal Aquatics will also be handling warranty issues on the first generation products that had rust issues. Simply take your rusted rack or rubble box into them and they will give you $10 off the purchase of a Wet Acrylic V2 product. They are accepting pre-orders right now.

Here's the lineup:

Wet Acrylic 16 hole frag rack V2 (up to 1/2" tanks)

Wet Acrylic 9 hole frag rack V2 (up to 1/2" tanks)

Wet Acrylic Big System Corner Rack V2 (up to 3/4" tanks)

Wet Acrylic Softy Rubble Box V2 (up to 1/2" tanks)

Wet Acrylic Seahorse Trough V2 (up to 1/2" tanks)

Here's a quick teaser shot of a dry side:


Vendors interested in stocking our products please contact me.


*Wet Acrylic products on the website have not yet been updated with V2 pictures and samples*

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