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Big Carpet Nem w/ Clown Fish, Harlequin Shrimp, Devil's Leather Hand


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I want to get an octopus for one of my tanks, so I must sell what's in there now to make room. I have the following for sale and/or partial trade:

  • Big Carpet Green Anemone with Clown Fish - $70 for pair - This clown fish has been with this anemone since he was tiny, so I don't care to sell them separately. The picture attached only shows the anemone extended out to about 6-8 inches. During the day, It's usually extended out to about a 10-12 inches in complete diameter. They are both very healthy! The anemone tends to change color between a pinkish hue to a green hue depending on the lighting.
  • Harlequin Shrimp - $30 - This is probably my favorite shrimp. It's pretty cool watching it go after star fish 10x it's size. This one is fully grown and very healthy. This one also changes the color in it's spots from purple to blue.
  • Huge Devil's Leather Hand - $65 - This thing is over a foot long. It keeps dropping "fingers" that keep growing into new leather hands. It's too big for my tank now, so I've got to let it go. This is a great investment if you are looking at livestock that keeps reproducing to sell.

If the same person buys the nemo and shrimp, I am happy to throw in a softball size GSP for free..... or you can pick one of the several 3 inch plus leather hands (that thinks keeps making more like crazy!)

First person to pay gets the livestock. Reply here or to get a quick response, text me: 512-Five Seven Three - 0660

I'm located in Round Rock by Gattis School Road & Red Bud. I am available for someone to come get these guys ASAP up until about 8PM.

I am willing to trade some of this if you have an octopus!




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