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29g Biocube HQI for sale

Mr Cob

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I'm tearing down my 29g Biocube display tank. The Stand and canopy is already spoken for.

Package deal:

  • 29g Biocube tank with custom background and false blue back acrylic wall.
  • 150w MH HQI light fixture and ballast (bulb is used and has a year of use on it)
  • live rock rubble and a large piece of live rock mounted to bottom left towards the front
  • eshopps overflow, eheim return pump and plumbing to use a sump


More manufacturer info about this tank:

Click the 29g link in my sig to read about my build.

PayPal holds it. Tearing it down right now and will be ready for pick up as early as tomorrow.





I also drilled extra holes to increase flow:

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