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190 Gallon Tank and Equipment


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The following still available, make me an offer!!!

Moving and I'm selling my large tank and equipment that I never finished setting up, all equipment have not been used or filled with water, so are brand new.

190 Gallon Aquarium (60w x 24 x 31h) drilled in back with 4 closed loop holes and have nozzles and gaskets for closed loop.

Bottom drilled also and plumbed.


Dart Reeflo Pump

Never used.


Reeflo Marlin Pump

Never used.


1- South Pacific Sunlight Metal Halides 400 Watt 20k, includes module needs ballast.

Never used.

$50 each

1- South Pacific Sunlight Metal Halide 175 Watt 20k, includes module, needs ballast.

Never used. (I have older ballast that I will include)


Aro Ballast 2x96W Compact Florescent

with one bulb

Never used.


Custom Sump with dividers and refugium

16 x 40 x 16


Large Rubbermaid Trash Can of Live Rock

Some still has purple coraline on it. Best offer.


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