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REAL REEF artificial rock - SOLD

Richard L

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I've got 30lbs of Real Reef's artificial rock. Pieces lock together easily and it looks like it is covered in coraline algae from the 1st day its in your tank. I love this stuff! $3/lb, must buy all, first come first serve, no holds. Thanks!

Richard 632-0375

Here's what the manufacturer says:

Real Reef is a 100% environmentally friendly Live Rock substitute. It is a clean calcium carbonate rock with great buffering ability, shape, color and everything else you like in a great live reef rock. There is no curing required.

Real Reef doesn't have unwanted hitch hikers such as crabs, aiptasia, sponge, flatworms, bristleworms and other nasty creepy crawlies! Real Reef looks, feels and aquascapes like real live rock. Most Aquarists think it's better than the real thing!


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Had some questions so I thought I would clarify a little. The rock being offered is all the rock you see in the picture. They are the pieces I didn't use for my tank build so they have never been in the water. Therefore they are 100% dry and clean (no aptasia, crabs, mahano, etc.) Hope that helps.

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