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Who'Da Sour Apples, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Fire & Ice War Coral, Red PE +

Mr Cob

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Thread shopping with Mr. Cob's Corals!

Discount: EVERYONE GETS 25% OFF!!!

Payment: paypal, credit card or cash at local pickup(we can swipe your credit card at the pickups VI, MC, AE, DI)

Local Pickups: San Antonio - every Wednesday evening from either 7-8pm or 8-9pm, Walmart off 1604 and 281 (check MAAST) Austin - once the reservations reach $250 we will schedule a delivery to South Austin. Always on a Sunday at Walmart off 35 and Slaughter LN (check ARC)

How to order: PM me (Mr Cob) what you want or post here, I will send you an invoice w/tax and then you pay/pickup at one of our local deliveries*Note: one hole frag rack incentives are for website sales only: www.mrcobscorals.com


*POST HERE to reserve your coral and I will send you an invoice*

+ 25% OFF the listed low prices!

1B) top left - ORA Tri-Color Valida $30 PENDING

2B) top middle - Yellow and Green Zoa mini colony $25 PENDING

3B) top right - Radioactive Dragon Eyes $10

4B) middle left - Red People Eaters $30 PENDING

5B) 2 middle frags - Everlasting Gobstoppers (pick one, I'm keeping the other, they are too beautiful) $40 PENDING

6B) middle right - Radioactive Dragon Eyes $15

7B) bottom left - MCC True Bam Bams $15 PENDING

8B) bottom middle - 10 purple hornets $100

9B) bottom right - Yellow Leather/Softy $15


10B) top left - Cephastrea $40 PENDING

11B) top middle - Fruit Loops $50 PENDING

12B) top right 2 polyps of Speckled Lunar Eclipse $15

13B) top right 9 polyps of Speckled Lunar Eclipse $30 PENDING

14B) bottom left - SPS $20

15B) bottom middle PENDING or top middle PENDING - Who'Da Sour Apples x2 $30each (very unique zoa with the rings)

16B) bottom middle - Joker Palys $30

17B) bottom right - Strawberry Patch Chalice (really starting to color up since I moved it to less light) $30 PENDING


18B) top left - Baby Blue PE Blasto 9 heads $60 PENDING

19B) top middle - non-Indo Purple and Red Acan 6 heads $60

20B) top right - non-Indo Ultra Mint Acan 3 heads $35

21B) bottom left - Fire and Ice War Coral $15 PENDING

22B) bottom middle - Fire and Ice War Coral $30

23B) bottom right - Fire and Ice War Coral $40


Thanks...don't forget about the corals on the website...still over 80 corals that can be purchased on the site at 25% OFF!!!

www.mrcobscorals.com discount code: MCC25OFF

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