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220 gallon tank for sale - complete setup

Mr Cob

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This tank is currently set up and will not be ready until all corals are sold.

You may make a down payment for us to hold it for you.

$1250 for the complete setup:

  • DSA Custom Stand with end door on the right (purchased brand new June 2011)
  • 220g Tank (back painted black, has some long scratches on the front, inside the tank, didn't bother me)
  • Overflow with built in acrylic frag racks
  • Light Fixture 2 x 250w MH 20k bulbs with 6 months use on bulbs (includes ballasts)
  • 5" sandbed (that's a lot of flippin sand!)
  • LRG Glass Sump with lots of options
  • Plumbing
  • HOB Acrylic Inlet Drain inputs
  • Eheim Return pump and plumbing
  • LRG Magnet Glass Algae Scrubber






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tank: 24" front to back, 72"L x 30"H

stand: about 34" H

total height 64"

Has a thick glass rim all the way around and two braces that stretch front to back, one near the overflow and the other in the middle, both are double pane thick.

Tank is 1/2" thick glass.

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