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**SOLD** FS Never used Reef doser (medical grade)

Chad and Belinda

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I’m selling my Reef Dosing Pumps brand doser. These units sell from well over $100 and go way up from there. I bought it new. This company refurbishes medical dosers and sells them to reef hobbyist. I’m including a double tubing set that has never been used. There is a crack in the housing where the electrical cord is attached. This does not affect how well it functions.


Two-Channel Capability Built In, with digitally adjustable dosing rates when used with the included 2-channel tubing set.

Float Switch Compatibility. A Float switch is available as an accessory, and is plugged into the control jack in the back of the pump. The float switch is connected to transistor-level voltage, providing safety and dependability. Thus the pump can be set up to run only while the float switch is in the "down" position, preventing overflows and providing peace of mind.

High Volume One Channel System. The Sentry can also be used as a one-channel makeup water doser. Using the included high volume tubing set, the Sentry will pump up to 850mL per hour, or up to 5 gallons per day.

Timer/Controller Interface - Using the optional Timer/Controller Interface, the Sentry can easily be controlled by other devices, such as pH controllers, electronic float switches or timers.

Water-resistant construction, with an interlocking housing and flat panel membrane switches for safety, moisture resistance and easy cleaning.

The doser will utilize liquid from containers 3 feet below pump and will pump vertically at least 15 ft.

Compact - measures only 6'" long x 5" deep. (The same size as two playing cards side-by-side), and 7" high.

Uses less than 5 watts of electricity.

Exceptional Accuracy and Tubing Life Utilizing a heavy-duty, Swiss-made motor and precision gear drive system, The doser pumps at a constant rotor speed of 12 rpm when set at 300. For slower rates, the timing cycle is changed but the rotor speed remains constant. Since it doesn't rely on friction to drive the pumping mechanism, the output of the pump will remain stable over very long periods of time. Also, since the rotor moves at such a slow speed, tubing life is significantly better than that of higher-speed, gearless pumping systems.

Precision Gear Drive - Internally the Swiss-made motor and gearbox power the rotor at 12 RPM, providing 24/7 operational capability as well as consistent dosing rates.

Bright LED Display- Easily visible from a distance or underneath darkened cabinets.

Quiet Operation- This pump runs exceptionally quietly, making less noise than most desktop computers.

Fixed-Dose Capability- Easily set a fixed volume to be dosed using the "dose" control button, providing a simple way to administer medications or other one-time additions of materials, or to acclimate livestock by adding a fixed volume of aquarium water.

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