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48" Current USA Outer Orbit 250W MH/T5/LED Fixture $350


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I have an Outer Orbit light fixture 48" long, used on my 90 gallon reef tank.

2x 250w MH

4x 54w T5

729watts total

I have bulbs for this light that still have about half life left. I used Phx 14K MH, and Giessemen Aquablue and Actintic+ T5 bulbs the whole time I used this fixture. There was no coral I could not grow under these lights! This fixture was $1200 new and worth every penny. This light has 17 LED moon lights (8blue/9white) all built into the fixture. Because this light has T5 bulbs it does not get nearly as hot as the PC version.

Asking $350 for this 24 hour fixture, bulbs will be included but I cannot guarantee they will make any road trips. I do still have the bulb boxes they will be in.


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There is a crack on the edge of one of T5 covers, but it is glued back together and I have had no issues with it. Also the very center blue moonlight LED is out. It was over my center brace so I never missed it. All of whites work fine.

post-983-0-59551400-1338164813_thumb.jpg post-983-0-93488800-1338164843_thumb.jpg post-983-0-02200200-1338164888_thumb.jpg

post-983-0-46030800-1338164912_thumb.jpg post-983-0-97485800-1338164943_thumb.jpg post-983-0-94940100-1338164983_thumb.jpg


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I will entertain other offers. Please PM me with other offers.

I would talk about trading too. I am thinking about buying another MP40 for a total of two or sell my current MP40 2G with the light and get one MP60.

Thanks for looking

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