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Rainbow Raptor Palythoa frags

Mr Cob

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Thread shopping with Mr. Cob's Corals!

Discount: Charters of MAAST, Premium members of ARC, paid members of SCCT take 10% off

Payment: paypal, credit card or cash at local pickup(we can swipe your credit card at the pickups VI, MC, AE, DI)

Local Pickups: San Antonio - every Wednesday evening from either 7-8pm or 8-9pm, Walmart off 1604 and 281 (check MAAST)Austin - once the reservations reach $250 we will schedule a delivery to South Austin. Always on a Sunday at Walmart off 35 and Slaughter LN (check ARC)

How to order: PM me (Mr Cob) what you want or post here, I will send you an invoice w/tax and then you pay/pickup at one of our local deliveries *Note: one hole frag rack incentives are for website sales only: www.mrcobscorals.com


Rainbow Raptor Paly frags 2 polyps.


Picture of mother colony:


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Also have this for $60: (15 + mini colony of Pretty Pennies - Rasta Look a-likes and pulsating blue xenia)

...that's $4 per polyp for the pretty pennies and consider the xenia free :)


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can't believe no action on them.

I would if I weren't worried about my GHA killing them. But its finally getting under control and I got my truck paid off two months ago, so... Good news for you!

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