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Kevin's 75 gallon build


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Since I got the rocks positioned today, I thought I'd take the time to share the first pics of my tank. It's about 100lbs of rock so far, I might add a little more down the road. The sand bed is about 3.5-4". I've gotten a few free corals from ARC members: Waving hand, Kenya tree, and a monti/Acro rock. Medi claimed the acro was dead, but I'm not so certain...it does fluoresce under intense blue lighting on one half of it. I'm not sure how else you could tell it was alive.

Not many critters yet except for a few dozen Asterina stars, some mini brittles, 7 hermit crabs, and one turbo snail. All of the rock is supported by 4" diameter PVC with four 2" holes drilled in each one in case any critters want to get through. The left side pillar is sitting on an acrylic rod, which creates a cavity beneath it. Then the smaller rocks surround the cavity to make a cave.

As far as my rock from Florida goes...

The large mantle-less clams died during the tank cycle. The sea squirt also did not survive that. Much of the green macro died, tbd if it will return. Somce brown macro survived and has come back a little bit, and about 7 smaller clams survived. They all have a mantle with incurrent/excurrent siphon holes...it's intriguing to me that one type made it and another did not.

As you can see the brown algae has taken a good foot hold, and the GHA is starting its thing. I need to add more cleanup crew for sure to take care of some of the algae and detritus. But I need to get a new skimmer pump and an ATO system hooked up to my RO line before I do that.

It's been a great learning experience so far. I'm very interested to get people's opinions on my aquascaping. I'm trying to keep it open and as natural as possible.

As far as the system goes: The tank is a 75g, the sump is a 20g. The Skimmer is an ETSS, and as you can see the there are no overflow boxes, just right angle PVC with strainers. Right now the lighting is a Hagen T5 54w x 2, which I will double with another of these lights in a month or so. thanks for looking!




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