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Looking for a 300g peninsula style


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I moved to Houston, but still like to visit here. I want to upgrade now that I have more room and we feel that a standard 300g (96x30x24) would fit our needs.

We are looking to use it as a room divider and thus prefer the overflow be on one end rather than the back. I want to use a closed loop as well, so if it's already drilled for one then great, but otherwise having the bottom glass non-tempered would be idea.

I understand that the specs are fairly specific, but I figure someone out there has to have one that they want to move. I got a quote from Kingfish and as nice as the AGE tank is we simply cannot afford that currently.

We checked out a 450g (96x30x36), and I will say that it was awesome.....but holy cow it was big. Dare I say too big? We want bigger than 210, but smaller than 450. :)

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