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Protein Skimmer: SWC EXT-160 - $185

Michael Rodriguez

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I have a this protein skimmer sitting in my garage and it's up for grabs. I just took my tank down about a few days ago. I bought it a year and a half ago but have had it in use for about a year. It just got a vinegar bath with all the rubber parts and O-rings removed. Everything is put back together and it looks great! :)

I installed a new impeller for it about a month ago. The old one was still in great shape but I was just doing preventative maintenance. Also, the impeller housing and the rest of the motor looks to be in terrific condition.

I've never ran anything but the stock pinwheel on it so the pump is in great condition. If you look at the third picture, I took the stock elbow off and replaced it with a tee fitting. I was experimenting to see if I made the water flow a little slower, and reduced the restriction on the output of the pump, would that increase the production... It did :) so I left it on there. I can't find the stock elbow though.

Here is a link to the skimmer:





The price is $185 so let me know if you're interested :)



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