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The Reef Cleaners Holiday Event

John Maloney

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The year is going by fast isn't it? It is already time to roll out our holiday schedule and savings that go along with it.

Our Holiday Shipping Schedule looks like this:

Mon Dec 20th

Tues Dec 21st

Wed Dec 22nd - Rock and Express Mail Only

Mon Dec 27th

Tues Dec 28th

Tues Jan 4th

Wed Jan 5th

The Sale:

We are offering free chaeto with every order over $25 if you leave the note "send me chaeto!" in your order. If you would prefer mangrove seeds, or one mangrove tree instead just let us know, "send me a mangrove tree john!", "hey john, let me get the 5 seed pack), will work just fine.

Rock is at it lowest price ever, everyone gets the local price of $1.50 a pound on 50 pound boxes. ($75 for 50 pounds) Limited quantities available at this price. We will be shipping rock on each of the days above to try to get it to you before Christmas. Dry rock does a lot better under the tree than live, and there is nothing like a few rocks to stack to give you or a loved one "something to play with" during your holiday.

Everything other than rock, and quick crews under 20 gallons are 20% with the code "holidayseason". Use the code during the checkout process.

Thanks again! Hope you have a happy holiday season!

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