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Large rock with orange monti cap, fuzzy and regular shrooms, GSP,


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This piece has a small frag of orange/red montipora cap (bottom tip of rock), MANY bright red mushrooms, some fuzzy shrooms, some green shrooms, a large mat of Green Star Polyps (closed in the pic, toward the top of rock) and some zenia. It is actually limestone (about 12" x 6.5" x 4") but has been in my tank for over 10 years. Just trying to make some room for more SPS and less softies.

Everything is closed up tight in this picture because the tank had just been cleaned.



PM me if interested however I tend to forget to monitor my PM's here, so you can also call at 512 964-2015. I'll be in the office Friday and Saturday 9am-2pm so those would be good times to pick it up (tank's at my office, Parmer Eye Care).

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