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15G Bio-Cube complete


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FOR SALE- 15 Gallon Biocube with...10lbs of liverock, blacksand, proteins skimmer, titanium heater, and PAR 38 LED light. Contents are (1) Black and White Percula, (2) Black and White Damsels, watermelon zoas, tubs blue zoas, flourescent pink/orange zoas, torch coral, duncans, and nethea lapaue (misspelled). There is a couple of crabs for clean up crew. Has the stock stand with glass front door and standard trim color (black). Basically a turn key tank thast just needs a little TLC. $200.00 takes all. If you do the math the contents are well worth more than the asking price. LMK Jeremy (512) 971-19 two five.

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