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Sandbed Super Sale


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I hate a cluttered sandbed and mine is starting to get that way, so time to clean out some of the pieces I wont be using.

I will have limited availability for pickup since it is finals time for me and I don't have much free time. I can do Monday and Tuesday from 8:00-9:00PM and we can arrange times this upcoming weekend.

Red Planet Frag- $25 Has two 1" branches coming off a 1" base. This coral has moved around a lot and the coloration is not great but the green is starting to come back pretty nicely. This was fragged from HydroInnovations colony

Mike Palleta's Purple Porities $15- 1" frag, this coral was nice and purple when I purchased it, but it doesn't take well to moving and has lost its color as it has been tossed around the tank

Acan- green centers with purple and green rings. $25 Typical austin aqua farms size frag

Purple Yuma- $20


Tons of Ricordea. I fragged a bunch of mine and have some extra from a recent order, so I need these to go.

Orange, blue and silver rainbow $20 (have 2 or 3 frags)

Pink and Blue $20

Medium orange $15

Large greens and blues $15 (Have 3 or 4 in this size)

Small greens $10 (Have 3 or 4 in this size)

Note- When looking at the picture, the large Orange & Blue ric is sold, as is the large blue ric.


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Hi, was wondering if you'd be willing to work a package deal on the rics you have for sale... Im really looking for larger sized rics if possible but am open to any and all. I was hoping you could tell me which rics you have left and what you'd be willing to sell them for as a packaged deal.. Im located in san antonio but will be heading up to austin this sunday so please let me know..


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Lets lower some prices and get some things moved out.

Red planet frag $20. Starting to get the green back pretty well

Acan next to it. $20


Here are the rics I have left


Back left- Bright green with blue skirt $15

Back middle- Blue, silver and orange rainbow $15

Back right- forest green with blue skirt $10

Front left- pink with blue center $15

Front left middle- green and gold $10

Front right middle- Bright orange with blue center $15

Front Right- Large green 2 sided $15

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