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My 72 gal bowfront reef tank


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I wanted to share my 72gal reef tank with everyone. I quickly outgrew my 36g bowfront tank and upgraded to this 72 gallon bowfront in October. Here are the details if you are interested:

Aquaticlife 4 x 48" T5 lighting

PM RL125 Skimmer

PM R24 sump/refugium

2 Koralia 750's

Mag 8.5 return pump

JBJ auto top-off


False Perc Clown

Blue Hippo Tang

2 Purple Firefish

Bi Color Blenny

Neon Goby

Engineer Goby

mixture of hermits, snails, conch and peppermint shrimp

I have a large variety of corals so I can see what works the best in my tank. So far almost everything is growing well. Most of the corals are frags from forum members around town.

I would like to add a couple more fish, but I am not sure which ones. Any suggestions for which ones I should consider?



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