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Cleaning Chiller?


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I woke up to the wave box making a horrible noise @ around 1 this morning. Get in the living room to find about 30 gallons all over the floor (thank God for concrete floors). The return line from the chiller popped off and ran all the water from the sump and ato. Got it all squared away but as I was fixing the return line from the chiller I noticed a lot of gunk in the line. I flushed it out as well as I could. My question is twofold a) is this normal (I bought the chiller used so don't really know) and b) do those of you with chillers have any maintance tips or a cleaning schedule. Please school me. Thanks.

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Hey DR, that is the best thing to clean it, but as well you are supposed to BACKFLOW the chiller (reverse flow). it doesnt matter which way the water goes cleaning it out. If you fill the coil and let it sit for 15-20 minutes then pump the water out it will give it a deep cleaning.

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This is from Pat, the owner of ChillKing...

It shouldn't hurt it however he should call the mfg of his chiller because you don't know what else they have in the sealed evaporator. He will need to rinse thoroughly because vinegar is the agent used in silicone that sets the reaction going when exposed to air and water, at least it use to be. You would hate to dissolve or enlarge some gasket or something.pk

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