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Warning about buying from aquarium specialty


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I had a bad experience with these guys and just wanted to warn others. I realized that my foxface was eating my acans and it needed to be removed. I grabbed my brand new extra large fish trap that I bought off of ebay but it wouldn't fit anymore after changing to the new reflectors. I needed to order another one and I wanted the largest trap that would fit so I got online and started looking. A found a trap at aquarium specialty that would just barely fit inside my tank, so perfect. I placed the order almost a 4 weeks ago on a Sunday and after not receiving it I sent an email that Thursday . I didn't get a response for 24 hrs so I called that Friday morning and had to leave a message. I called again that afternoon and finally got to speak with someone. She told me they hadn't shipped it yet b/c they were waiting on the doors to be made. I told here I was a little frustrated b/c they didn't bother to call me and let me know there would be a delay, I also explained about the fish eating my coral on a daily basis. She said she would call the manufacturer to find out what was going on, she didn't call me back. I called back the following Tuesday and she said that the manufacturer was running behind but they would be finished anytime. I could go on and on about how many times after this they lied and told me it was about to ship, that it had shipped, etc. Finally I told her "just sent the trap now so I can at least get it in my tank to let my fish get used to it" she agreed but did nothing. I asked for it to be shipped 2 day when it finall did go out and she agreed...but didn't do that either. In the last week I left three messages and never got a call back, I even left a message on the owners cell phone. Well I finally got the trap yesterday (I had no idea that it was coming), and it was mostly destroyed. They put the much smaller fish trap in a 12" x 12" x 12" box with no packing material, so the plastic was all broken apart. I spent half an hour gluing it back together and have finall after almost a month am ready to start trying to catch this fish. Please keep in mind that I left out about 50% of the complaints that I had to keep this short enough to read. They did credit me back the money for the trap, still without calling or any kind of explanation, which made things a little better. My problem is that they refunded me the money for the fish trap but b/c of their 3 week delay the foxface at more than that in coral. Had I know that the trap was out of stock the day after I ordered it (my biggest complaint) I could have cancelled and ordered a different trap from someone else, but after wasting a week waiting I wasn't ready to cut my losses and move on, I really should have.

Anyway bad customer service.....just wanted others to know.

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