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Reef Brite Group Buy


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The prices listed are the retail prices. What I am able to do is 10% off if we reach 4 lights that are ordered and 20% at 5 or above. Trust me, these lights are amazing and I can guarantee that you will never find these prices again..

The group buy will remain open until August 1st. Of course payment has to be made before I can reserve a light for you.

Check out this link to see what these lights have to offer..

Sorry that the price list below is messed up.. I tried fixing it MANY times and for some reason it will not post correctly.

Reef Brite LED Strip Light


PM15-Blue_______ 15"___ 135.00

PM15-White_______ 15"___ 135.00

PM15-50/50_______ 15"___ 135.00

PM24-Blue_______ 24"___ 195.00

PM24White______ 24"___ 195.00

PM24-50/50______ 24"___ 195.00

PM30-Blue________ 30"___ 215.00

PM30-White_______ 30"___ 215.00

PM30-50/50__________ 30"___ 215.00

PM36-Blue_________ 36"___ __ 220.00

PM36-White_________ 36"___ 220.00

PM36-50/50_________ 36"___ 220.00

PM48-Blue__________ 48"___ 240.00

PM48-White_________ 48"___ 240.00

PM48-50/50_________ 48"___ 240.00

LED Mini Magnum

MM2-Blue_________ 60.00

MM2-White________ 60.00

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Just wanted to let everyone know that 5 of the lights have been purchased. Therefore, we can now offer 20 percent off of the posted prices. Trust me.... You will not find better prices on these lights!!

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Listed below is how many LED's are in fixture.

15" - 6 LED's

24" - 12 LED's

30" - 12 LED's

36" - 18 LED's

48" - 24 LED's

A 48 inch Reef Brite offers 611 PAR which is twice as much as an ATI Blue Plus with a reflector.

With that reading each LED gives just a little over 25 PAR, which is outstanding considering there is no heat factor, the color is great and the price is outstanding!

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So how many of the 48" ones would be equivalent to a T5 system with 8-54W bulbs? Also, how many would be equivalent to a unit with two 250W MH's and 2 96W PCs? I'm the one running LED's on my smaller tanks (picked up a bunch of stuff off an ebay win a couple weekends ago), but I can't afford one for the larger tank (because I keep spending money on corals LOL). At this price, I may be able to...not right now, but in the near future if you do another group buy.

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What I've read and what I think reefpets was saying is that they are roughly equivalent in output to a pair of ATI Blue Actinic bulbs in the size of the unit. So the 48" would be about PAR equivalent to two 48" actinic T5 bulbs - I only have nanos so I'm not sure of the wattage that would be. I've also heard these units use 3W LEDs, if that helps your conversions at all. With LEDs vs. T5s though, you'd be getting a bit more downward penetration of the light (they are well focused with built in reflectors) and they are point light sources so you'd be seeing a similar ripple effect as you get with metal halides.

I'm a little interested in the 15" 50/50 for my 7.5G..... but I don't think I can justify the cost at the moment. Oh well.

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I was thinking that, but just wanted to make sure. I use LED's on a couple of my small tank and love them...they have 3W LED's also. Looks like I may be saving up for some of these instead of T5's. The T5 fixture with bulbs is about half the price, but paying double for LED's that put off practically no heat and last lots longer...definitely worth it. I have also had no issue with corals coloring up under them...I have a RBTA and a nice garf purple bonsai...had a clam until those little snails killed it.

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