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Chaeto, Amphips and Copepods


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Hi All,

I ordered .5 lbs of chaeto and 500 amphips and copepods from reefs2go online. Since the amphips are buy 1 get one free and I only need .25lbs of chaeto - I'm putting the extra up for sale. You will get .25lbs of chaeto and 500 amphips/copepods for $30 (which is the discounted price I paid plus part of shipping). Everything is supposed to arrive on Thursday - so you can pick up that night. I can also sell each separately for $15 a piece.

PS - I actually don't know how much .5lbs of chaeto is in terms of mass size. I'm wondering if this chaeto can be split into three or four "balls" so I can sell it to multiple people (reduced price of course :).

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