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How to feed coral


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I still my tank for about 4 hours every night, kill ALL water movement. Then I use a food processor to liquify a few clams and silver sides. I then add some tank water, frozen rotifers, cyclops, oyster eggs, and my new secret weapon (sorry I won't tell, it's like Reef Roids but oh so much cheaper), and a sprinkling of New Life Spectrum small pellet food. Been using New Life since about 2001. I then very lightly squirt this mixture on my corals with a turkey baster. Yeah even the baster has been modified. Put a zip tie around the bulb where it meets the baster or they tend to not work well. I don't really squirt it onto the corals as just kind of let it roll out onto them from the baster. I let the tank sit still for a few hours.

What I've noticed is that my SPS tend to not care so much about my efforts. However, my Chalices have begon to grow hand over fist. Then my Duncans, dang if they aren't absolutely huge. I've found that my many different maze brains, acans, blast wellsi, and micromusa (hell's yeah Clint) are swelling up huge and growing insanely fast. My zoa are doing well, my paly's even better, have a huge mess of purple people eaters since starting my feeding regiment. My ricordea are swelling up big as stuff, as well as splitting. I always watched as rics just withered away. Best part is that some rics that I couldn't see with my eye have began to sprout up all over the tank. Maybe they were from some of the old ones I thought had disappeared.

I do watch the amount of algae that appears on my glass. If it starts to build up I stop feeding for a couple of days. I skim ultra heavy. I also use loads of carbon as well as weekly water changes. I wouldn't recommend this method to everyone but I'm super happy with it.

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