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SOLD: Custom, Rimless 14-Gallon Oceanic BioCube


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Available for sale one Custom, Rimless 14-Gallon Oceanic BioCube. System is meant run with an open top, and the top rim has been removed. Aquarium has been modified for improved filtration and flow. Second picture is of In-Tank Media Rack. Third and fourth pictures are from retailler or PAR38 bulb. Asking price $100.

07.17.10 edit - Price with 21w PAR38 20k Cree LED lamp with 60 degree optics and DIY hanger, $180. PAR38 bulb separately $90.

07.20.10 edit - live rock now included with setup


  • Aquarium volume - 14.3 gallons
  • Dimensions - 15" x 15.5" x 17" (LxWxH)
  • Pump flow rate - 137 gph


  • Glass aquarium
  • Stock pump
  • Stand
  • 50% full bottle of Seachem Purigen media
  • Coarse/fine filter floss
  • Long handle algae scrubber
  • Miscellaneous filtration parts

Modifications include:

  • Hydor Flo rotating deflector
  • In-Tank media rack
  • Catalina Aquarium 50 watt titanium heater
  • Custom starboard "substrate" for bare-bottom setup

post-1007-025416900 1279165588_thumb.gif

post-1007-066097300 1279408079_thumb.jpg

post-1007-037470600 1279408095_thumb.jpg

post-1007-052354100 1279408102_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Gonzobob!


The BC14 does not include a protein skimmer or light fixture. I chose to remove the protein skimmer to give a cleaner look and simpler setup. Instead this system uses an In-Tank Media rack. In the rack, I use coarse/fine filter floss, GFO and carbon, and Purigen.

Some users even put macro in the rack with submersible light. Below is an example of what the top-down view looks like with the rack installed. (Submersible light not included.)

Thanks for asking!

post-1007-031786700 1279205579_thumb.jpg

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