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frags and colonies

don duncan

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Its that time again for some trimming and colonie sales

Some of you have seen my tank and know how generous my frags are.

1. Cali tort frags $20 per inch

2. Green stag $15 per inch

3. Paleta Loveli colony 3 inches or better multi branching $50

4. Pink Milli colony multi branch 3 inches $50

5. Tubs mystic Blue colony multi branch 4 inches $55

6. Tricolor acro frags 2+ inches $20

7. Green slimer frags 3 inches $25

8. Kedds red zoas 5 for $10

9. Rainbow Raptors 4 for $25

10. Chilli Pepper monti fully encrusted disk $30

11. Strawberry monti cap small $15, large $25

12. Sunset milli frags $20 per inch

13. Purple rim green cap small $15, large $25

14. Idaho grape same price as purple rim

15. Vivid Purple cap same as other caps

16. Warp speed cap $25

17. Purple haze Monit small 1x1 $25

18. Yellow-green acro colony 4 inches $40

19. JG yellow mini colony $25

I have alot more, to much to list. Will post some pics later. You can also see some of the colonies by doing a search for my name

Will give discounts on multi purchases

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Put me down for the pink milli colony and the mystic blue frag!

Thanks Don, I will try and come by this weekend and bring the birds of paradise frag and some $.

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I am going to River city tomorrow at 11. I can bring them by to you if you would like

Let me know



I will be ready with the $25 in hand!! Just give me a call when you are on your way and THANK YOU!!

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