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120g saltwater aquarium for sell, must go soon! make an offer


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This tank includes everything in the pictures: tank, stand, hood, skimmer, filter, fans (x3), heater, livestock, extra sand, salt, supplies, and testing kit (not shown). I am sorry, but I have little information regarding the livestock. I know there is a Nemo, a Brittle star, zebra fish, and a few other common (reef safe) fish. I know that the rock is Fiji rock. I am sorry the pictures are fuzzy (they are from my phone). I can email you more pictures. Make your best offer.

post-1511-060370400 1278880856_thumb.jpg

post-1511-076682700 1278880874_thumb.jpg

post-1511-016889600 1278880902_thumb.jpg

post-1511-044224600 1278880945_thumb.jpg

post-1511-080282200 1278880963_thumb.jpg

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