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14g biocube full setup


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hey guys im getting out of the hobby for now :( i just really cant afford it and my lease is up in september so i need to sell my setup. i would like to get around 450 obo for everything.

14g Biocube with stand

Stock lid with pc bulbs and new ballasts

70w sunpod mh light

koralia nano

maxijet 900 return pump and stock pump

50w heater

stevie t's intank media rack with cheato

custom fuge light attached to back of tank

hydor flo deflector

digital thermometer

2 5 gallon water jugs

water changing tub and 5 gallon bucket

around 20 lbs of cured figi LR

15 lbs of black sand


clown fish (1")

black with blue striped damsel (1")

cleaner shrimp

20 snails and hermit crabs


red monti cap (1" x 1")

tri color acro (2")


duncan (4 heads)

kryptnonite candycane (3 heads)

multiple zoas of different colors


Pulsing Xenia

couple mushrooms

any other questions or anything let me know :( thanks

p.s. if nobody wants to buy the whole setup after a while i will be willing to part out thanks :)


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