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Pan World 200 PS Magnetic Water Pump


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I am selling my Pan World 200 PS Magnetic Water Pump. I purchased it for a tank that unfortunately I never got around to setting up. I was hoping I would be able to use it on another tank that I am in the process of putting together (120 gallon RR cube), but it will pump out too much water for the tank because of it's dimensions (30x30x30). Because of this, I would like to sell it rather to someone who would get the proper use out of it. I am asking $200 o.b.o.

Here is some extra information on the pump: http://www.marinedep..._content=JW1173

Pan World Magnetic Water Pumps are built by a former chief engineer from Iwaki-Japan. It basically has the same specifications such as flow curves, high head pressure and reliability. It also features seal-free bearings and magnetic drive for trouble-free use. These pumps are actually a bit quieter than Iwaki pumps and costs less making it a good or even better alternative. Plus, it comes with a power cord unlike Iwaki pumps.

Warranty: 2-year full manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.

  • Max Flow: 1750gph
  • Max Head: 39ft
  • Power: 290W
  • Fittings (Inlet/Outlet): 1" MPT / 1" MPT
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.75" x 5" x 6.5"
  • Comparable to Iwaki: 70RLT

I live in San Antonio, but could meetup if paid via Paypal or ship it.

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