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Selling my 20" current usa Nova Extreme Pro T5HO fixture. Its 6x18w fixture. One of the ballasts (part number: T5120-218HO) needs to be replaced and can be purchased easily from SunPark Electronics for 19 bucks. I have talked to them via email and phone. I have a 150w MH already and so I don't really need to fix the T5 fixture myself . It would be a pretty easy fix if you are interested and when I was using the light, my corals were growing great (montis, zoos, etc.). New bulbs are available on various online sites including Marine Depot. I am looking for 100 bucks (new is 320 bucks).



Ballast: (I recommend calling or email)


Thanks for looking!

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Yes, it has 3 actinic and 3 10k. However, one bulb needs to be replaced. Currently you can run the light fine with just 4 bulbs (w/o replacing ballast); I was growing soft and lps corals great with just 4 bulbs running.

Does this come with bulbs?

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